Facebook and other anti-social networks – update

social-notworkingJust a quick update on how it’ s going with the social notworking, I’ve been socially akward (virtual 😉 )now for almost two weeks.

Almost halftime scores

12 Facebook
2 Twitter
1 Instagram
1 Pinterest mail
0 Google Plus


Daily harrasment

Basically, Facebook chimes in every day on average, while other networks are far less aggressive.  The one being quiet by far is beyond my expectation: Google Plus didn’t send any mail so far.
At this point, Facebook tells me I have 1 poke, 2 group updates, 2 close friend updates and 38 new notifications but I haven’t been attended to any stuff going on in real life.
I think not really important happened, but I cannot look at the moment, can I? 🙂

Next post

I will be reviewing what I’ve actually missed and get to a verdict in the concluding post. So if you’re curious to what I’ve found and what I’m going to do with it, be sure to check out the upcoming post!

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