Februari, resolution recap

The Six Basic Emotions
The Six Basic Emotions

It’s almost the end of Februari and it’s been almost two months since the last time I wrote a post. My previous one was all about New Year’s resolutions. Maybe it is a good time to revisit my own resolutions to see what has become of them, around 2 months into 2015.

  1. Practice gratefullness every day.
  2. Allow yourself more time to reach goals.
  3. See fears as an act of imagination.
  4. Take breaks from devices.
  5. Make time for visiting / watching any form of art / creating it myself.

The first one seems easy, but it really isn’t. Especially when you’re in situations where people aren’t really listening or are just plain rude. Or assholes on the road.
It’s quite hard to be grateful for that, but then again, by remembering this resolution it does disappear from my mindset a lot quicker. Guess that works for me, returning to quicker to my own more happy default state.

The second one is still in progress, so I guess it works. Kinda hard to quantify. Third one: I just cannot seem to shake this one. Probably because it seems symbiotic with other feelings and is basically the flip side of what defines happiness. Fourth: Hmmm why was this on my list again? Ok, failing really big one.. this even might be the hardest one for me, being a straight up tech addict. Must….put….phone…down! Fifth: actually making an effort here, by visiting concerts and other places.

So all in all I think I’m doing well by my own resolutions, how have you been doing?