A view – a picture and a magic perspective

A view

This photograph was shot from our regular vacation address in Spain, courtesy of our Brit friends Shaun & Phill. Alright, Ellie too.
Sitting here in sub-freezing weather with snow and an agenda sometimes overflowing, I cannot help to reminisce last year and this view. I just sit there, staring at the sun going down. Calm, at ease, not a care in the world. Take a last splash for the day in the pool..
I wish it could be like that anytime soon, but alas, we have to wait quite a few months..

In the meanwhile

So, what to do in the meanwhile, besides work? Well, the package I received today helps with that 🙂 In it was a letter, a map, a business card and 2 annual passports to Disney Land Paris!
I guess we’re going to be visiting even more frequently the coming year, starting our first one in 2 months now. I think it will help us to get our minds off of things.
And: Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the park of course! Like we weren’t certain before 😉


I think we ordered just in time, since the tickets are going back to the original rates now. We basically bought 2 passports for 280 euros, which includes parking and some other stuff. A regular day ticket to all parks is around 80 euros (+20 for parking a car), so if you plan to visit twice in a year, it’s cheaper (280 vs 360). Plus, you get discounts on all restaurants and boutiques (10%), Disney hotels (25%), Buffalo Bills Wild West Dinner Show (20%) and a day ticket for a friend (10%).

What’s new?

I’m really looking forward to all the new stuff and special celebrations this year, including:

  • Star Tours: The adventures Continue – Yay! New scenes and ride from Star Wars: The Force Awakens!
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain – They postponed the opening, so we’re missing it on the first visit. Good reason to plan ahead the 2nd one 🙂
  • Disney Stars on Parade – Complete new parade, including fire-breathing maleficent dragon? I’m curious!
  • Disney Illuminations – A new nighttime spectacular with scenes from Frozen (meh), Pirates of the Caribbean and the new Beauty and the Beast. Replaces Disney Dreams.
  • Mickey presents Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris – New entertainment and beloved characters taking over the heart of the park
  • The Starlit Princess Waltz – A meeting of all Disney princesses for a waltz on the Royal Castle Stage. I wonder if Leia participates 😉
  • Experience Enhancement Project – Basically the sum of all reinventions and re-imagineering finished for the 25th anniversary

I’ve read that for Star Tours there are now 13 segments of film + simulator movements, which can be combined to 96 different ride combinations. Re-rides guaranteed as long as you can last 🙂

I think that, with all the finer and smaller details Disney usually gets spot on, this will indeed be a magical year and THE year to get a year passport once again!
If this doesn’t hurl us trough the year towards our beautiful Spanish destination again… maybe even visit on the way there or back.. hmm possibilities..

How’s that for a view?

5 Stages of vacation grief

San Joan festivities
San Joan festivities

Ah… vacation. Waking up to the warm glow of the sun outside. Stumbling across the room, immediately changing sleep-attire for a swimming short. Sleepdrunk walking to the fridge, making a small breakfast and stepping out in the sun, walking past the swimmingpool and settling down beneath a hanook. Slowly eating breakfast consisting of the local prey from the Supermercado La Nucia. Spending the day warming up on loungebeds and dipping in the pool when it gets to much, only stopping the proces for primetime BBQ’ ing or visiting a restaurant. Or some funny festivity which involved putting up chopping a tree, carrying it to the village and setting it upright again with t-shirts in it.

The slower, but very good life. Vacation.

Aaaaand then you get back and must see through the 5 stages of vacation grief:

Denial – It’s not so bad!

Back at the office, still feeling the glow of sleeping late and forgetting this place actually existed.
Made some tea, thinking I actually have a job 🙂 Moreso, it is dry in the office, opposed to circumstances outside.

Anger – &(*()$&%!!!!

What the hell is all this mail?? Why the 180’s on stuff agreed prior to my leave? Why is a project timetable changed with deliverables due in 2 workdays?
Why does this place want my soul? Think happy thoughts. Vacation..

Bargaining – I can fix this

Well, I guess life is what you make it. If I can stay on top of the deadlines and this time NOT skip lunch as before the vacation, I’m going to be alright.
Maybe a refresher website or podcast on time management when I get home?

Depression – It’s all so meaningless!

Damn, woke up too late. Means getting the traffic penalty. Twice.
Oh hello desk, again. Was this place always so dim? And why is everyday becoming a repetition of the previous one?

Suddenly, it feels like I need a vacation but we only returned a week ago. Oh well..

“Nuestra” casa en España


Let’s mark some dates for the next vacation, preferably with a lot of sun and fun. Rinse and repeat.
Maybe get a few days extra this year 🙂

Current stage: 5th! Let’s quickly organize something to look forward to 🙂