A people trap, set by a mouse

il_570xn-901988439_7nfgPre-party #24

I know, I know.. It’s only been just over a week since I posted something about a kingdom of fun. Fact is though, we visited last week to unwind, have some fun and enjoy the unbridled kind of immature fun. Much needed.
And celebrate the park’s 24th birthday of course! Nice remarks too, folks on the socials even asking us if we actually live in a Disney park now. Come on guys, it’s only once (or sometimes twice…guilty) a year 😉 So what!

The 25th birthday

Next year, we’ ll be there as well for the 25th birthday, seeing all the preparations on the way in the park at the moment.
They’re doing everything to make the park look at it’s absolute best next year. This can only mean a repeat visit to once again, a great celebration. If it’s anything like the 15th year of age, it’s gonna be worth it and we I would definately recommend a visit!


Ah well, I thought it would be nice to dump some photo’s from my phone. Yes phone, since I didn’t bring my camera.
I regret that, since it would have offered far better quality and the atmosphere and light conditions were great. But you’ll have to believe me that I enjoyed it not looking through a viewfinder all the time 🙂
Not that my phone is all that bad, a wise man once told me that the best camera is the one you have on you. Can’t complain too much with the Note4 with Sony IMX240 sensor (beware, nerdy links).

Think I’ll bring the ol’ Sony Alpha6K for our next trip to the birthday boy/girl though..

The gallery

Video at the bottom for your pleasure 🙂

Kingdom of Fun

Kingdom of Fun
Kingdom of Fun

Kingdom of Fun

Every once in a while, I need to be in touch with my inner child. So, we visit theme parks and their rides! One of my favorites will always be DisneyWorld in Florida and as a second Disneyland Paris (DLP). Third probably the likes of Walibi and Six Flags for the rollercoasters.

Effects of Attractions

Next to the effect of lightening your wallet, theme parks are known to have positive effects on people. I always find myself in touch with my inner kid after taking a ride on things like the Crush Coaster and the legendary Space Mountain. Since I like Star Wars as well, I hope the rumors of revamping Space Mountain to HyperSpace Mountain are true, even though it’s a bit sad to see the old theme go..

15-year anniversary

I took the picture on a special VIP-night during the park’s 15-year anniversary, when it was quiet down on Main Street USA. Only a couple of people where in the park that night. This is very surreal, since the street is always buzzing with life during regular opening hours. Adding to the surrealism was the complete lack of any queue for any attraction. The picture itself was taken on the end of the street and there are no people in the picture. A near impossible feat on regular opening hours. The atmosphere was quite special! Every time I see this photo, I get a positive vibe from it 🙂 Makes me want to go again!

25-year anniversary

Next year, DLP will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary and I’m kind of hoping on a similar opportunity to visit the park. But I have no illusions. It’s rare and cost the park money since everything is still  open and only caters to a handful of people. Nonetheless, I still think we’re going to celebrate it along with them, being fairly regular visitors (sometimes multiple times a year..) and lovers of all things Disney.

As a matter of fact.. I think we’re celebrating the 24-year anniversary as well, quite soon 🙂