Facebook and other anti-social networks


I am pretty much wired to any social network available and try to keep as much as I can. I even share some stuff once in a while, especially on Facebook. But lately I get the feeling that a couple of social networks just don’t contribute to my expectations like they used to. I’ve found that Facebook is the prime example of deterioration of interest over the years, even though I’ve been using it from[…]

Raylex - it's yummie!


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Onychophagia When asked about what their first memory is, most people recall something from the age 4 or 5. I remember vacations with family, crashing into my brother while we both gunned our BMX bikes through an alley on opposite sides and… onychophagia. I don’t recall how it began, but I know for sure it is an oral compulsory habit / parafunctional activity. So, what to do? Well a good dose of¬† denatonium benzoate¬†should fix[…]


5 Stages of vacation grief

Ah… vacation. Waking up to the warm glow of the sun outside. Stumbling across the room, immediately changing sleep-attire for a swimming short. Sleepdrunk walking to the fridge, making a small breakfast and stepping out in the sun, walking past the swimmingpool and settling down beneath a hanook. Slowly eating breakfast consisting of the local prey from the Supermercado La Nucia. Spending the day warming up on loungebeds and dipping in the pool when it[…]