Online Password managers

In the ever changing world of IT, everything is being pushed into the cloud, including things we’d normally wouldn’t even consider sharing with any other party. As is the case with nifty software designed to remember our passwords for us. I think a LOT of IT-folks know what KeePass is, but for those who don’t: It’s a password safe in which you can store all your passwords, generate complex ones, make remarks and memo’s etc.[…]


VCE Exam Simulator woes + alternative


As you might know, I’m an IT-guy and thus I need to update my certifications and skills regularly. There are a couple of routes to go and it depends on the goal and my own knowledge which one I’ll take. One of them is self-preparation before I actually take an exam, by the means of a test exam with software to go with it. In my case Avanset’s VCE Exam Simulator, which I once bought.[…]

The Six Basic Emotions

Februari, resolution recap

It’s almost the end of Februari and it’s been almost two months since the last time I wrote a post. My previous one was all about New Year’s resolutions. Maybe it is a good time to revisit my own resolutions to see what has become of them, around 2 months into 2015. Practice gratefullness every day. Allow yourself more time to reach goals. See fears as an act of imagination. Take breaks from devices. Make time[…]