I am Iron Man, which superhero are you?


Probably since social networks really emerged to a larger audience, they have been a target for harvesting vast amounts of data from it. Depending on how bright people in your friendslist are, odds are that you’ve come across a quiz or two from friends telling you they are Batman or gonna die at age 82 because the quiz told so. Most of these quizzes share a common type and the results¬†always get posted across the[…]


Windows 10, Hunting boxes and WTF is wrong with some people?

I’ve been on the Windows Insider’s fast ring for Windows 10 (W10) and so far, so good. I’ve enjoyed the beta’s, both closed and open and I can honestly say I’ve never seen the like of a release like this before. W10 is know humming about quite content for some time now and what surprises me is that I actually do not have a lot to say about it, in a negative context. Well, maybe[…]


10 years after

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I’m not really the one to type page-long texts about my feelings and life experiences, but there is one exception I would gladly make, because there are a lot of people in this kind of situation right now or dealing with the aftermath of it. I hope it brings a bit of help, a bit of sense you’re not alone in it and there actually is light at the end of a¬†tunnel. Or sunshine after[…]