Old Friend

My Old Friend

Jerry The picture is of our late old friend, Jerry. As a youngster, he moved out of his parental house to live in an appartement with his young lady, Cynthia. When I met Cynthia, Jerry must have been around 8 years old. At first, he was cautious of me. Probably used to living on his own with only one other human to care for him. As time went by, he accepted me and got more bold[…]


Facebook and other anti-social networks II

In the previous post, Facebook and other anti-social networks, I’ve proclaimed to not use social media for a month. The point is to see what I actually missed and draw some kind of conclusion. My expectations where receiving summary mails and missing out on some stuff in real life since people already shared it on a social network. Far less for missing out on really important information, since I do think that good information can be[…]


Facebook and other anti-social networks – update

Just a quick update on how it’ s going with the social notworking, I’ve been socially akward (virtual 😉 )now for almost two weeks. Almost halftime scores 12 Facebook 2 Twitter 1 Instagram 1 Pinterest mail 0 Google Plus   Daily harrasment Basically, Facebook chimes in every day on average, while other networks are far less aggressive.  The one being quiet by far is beyond my expectation: Google Plus didn’t send any mail so far. At this point,[…]